Guidance Through the RTO Process

Varshney Capital’s strong relationships with the TSX Venture Exchange, Brokers, Corporate Finance Professionals, Lawyers, and Investors facilitate an efficient and successful RTO listing.


Considering the Shareholders, costs, timing and tax, corporate, and securities law – Varshney Capital can provide valuable insights to support your business in making the right decision.


Varshney Capital vehicles come with a clean verifiable history making due diligence an efficient process.

Private Placement

Proven ability to raise capital and engage value adding investors.  Allowing an efficient raise of  capital that supports your business growth.


Decades of knowledge and experience with public & private transactions. Deep familiarity of the regulatory procedures, ensuring an efficient and cost effective filing.


Varshney Capital uses a proactive approach to assist with the continued growth of your business post RTO by providing access to global contacts and advice.


Access to large network of co-investors and smart value adding money. Strong Ties and integration within the venture exchange ecosystem.
Close relationships with Brokers and Service Providers.

“In the late 1990s I decided to take my company, Carmanah Technologies, public. Needless to say, my decision to choose Varshney Capital was one of the best ones I’ve ever made. They raised the money they promised and positioned our company in such a way that we were able to get the liquidity we needed to expand. Less than 10 years later we’ve gone from having 12 employees to 220.”Dr. David Green, Founder of Carmanah Technologies Corp.

Benefits of Public Venture Capital in Canada

  • Allows Founders to maintain effective control for a long period through one simple class of common share ownership.
  • Less onerous and dilutive than private equity term sheets.
  • Mergers and acquisitions can be financed using publicly listed shares rather than cash.
  • Becoming a public company will promote your public profile and provider greater transparency for investors.
  • Can provide some liquidity for shareholders & Founders. Best exit is to reverse-engineer a strategic trade sale.
  • Quicker access to capital versus a traditional US IPO.
  • Issuing public shares expands your investor base and sets the stage for secondary equity financing,including Private Placements (institutional investors).
  • Incentivizes management and employees through stock options and share purchase plans that provide immediate and tangible employee benefits without depleting cash reserves.