Our Strategy

To-date Varshney Capital Corp. has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for venture capital projects around the world on the private and public markets. Among its clients, Varshney Capital Corp. counts a number of highly successful large-scale entrepreneurial companies.

We invest globally, leveraged by our access to international C-Level suites, large network of co-investors and smart value adding money. Varshney Capital generally finances companies through a Public Venture Capital (PVC) model. This entails a listing on the TSX Venture exchange in Canada through a Reverse Take-Over (RTO) mechanism. We take a long term approach by working with the management team post listing (usually 3 to 5 years) – creating a synergistic  partnership for public market success. To learn more about this model, click here.

Although we specialize in public placements, we also invest in earlier stage companies where we see exceptional potential – both in the management and business. This includes Angel, Seed, and later stage Venture Capital Financing.

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